Most of you know I am pursuing and MBA.

One of our semester projects is to choose a personal sustainability project that is “repeatable, inspirational, sustainable, and enjoyable”. The result…Sustainability Facts.

For those of you interested in Editioning, I just wrote an article for Triple Pundit. Picasso Got It Right Sustainable Production and Profitable Consumption.

09/2011: 365 DOP EXHIBITIONS: 2011
Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY: September 23-25, 2011: 81 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY

Visual Arts Gallery at NJCU, Jersey City, NJ: September 30 – October 27 2011: 100 Culver Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

July 12th, 2011 - October 31st, 2011

Oaxaca by Michael Courvoisier and Maya Joseph-Goteiner

The Majestic
222 Montgomery Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Get directions to The Majestic from Hop Stop HERE (on average it is 20 minutes from Manhattan). Grove St. PATH station is two stops from WTC & four stops from 14th st. & 6th ave.

Even today women remain on the fringes of the art world. Gagosian is 84 percent men, which means its artists include only 16 percent women! In September of 2006 Jerry Saltz reported that the MOMA’s permanent collection, its 4th and 5th floor galleries, only included 5 percent women, and although he has not released more current data, I imagine it has not changed significantly.

I have spent the last four months working as a co-curator for a residency program at _gaia, an organization that creates opportunities for women artists. The Wonder Women residency, in its 6th year, brought together a dynamic group of 10 artists to address the changing landscape of news, aptly titled: New News is Old News.

For the first time, _gaia is fundraising: to cover the organization and the artists' overhead…AND the big news, to take the residency to Cyprus! We have been invited to host an intensive 2-week residency in Nicosia.

You can learn more about the project on our kickstarter HERE.

Thank you for considering to support this innovative group!


If you have any questions email: Wonder Women

Wonder Women are on twitter: we tweet HERE

And Wonder Women blog: we write HERE

10/21/2010: NEW NEWS IS OLD NEWS
I am co-curating a residency with Doris Cacoilo

Call for Entries: Artist Program

New News is Old News

a Wonder Women project at _gaia

In our society, the importance of news has shifted; some would argue that it has been elasticized or else devalued. As the blogosphere replaces the daily newspaper as the purveyor and distributor of breaking news, the reporting of events is no longer filtered by the journalist/editor. Instead the voice of news is replaced by a dynamic exchange of information.

Already, online, the same article that has appeared black on white in the early print edition has been updated, corrected or even replaced on the web. Newspaper stories no longer fit the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of news as “a report of recent events: previously unknown information.” In many respects, we have created an endless source of updated information online, a bottomless pit of patter. We cannot possibly consume all the news and commentary published online, and while few people have the time to read the entire newspaper, even fewer can keep up with the minute-to-minute updates via Twitter, blogs, online publications, and RSS feeds.

Wonder Women invites 10 artists to consider this new concept of real time media and the ramifications of our evolving relationship with news. Projects should address news and its media channels. Applicants can choose to focus on any facet/subject relating to traditional or contemporary news.

Every Sunday, beginning January 16th [through February 20th] accepted applicants will meet as a group at _gaia studio. There will be a potluck lunch each Sunday with group discussion and critique of works in progress. Weekly discussions will address issues related to art, technology, history, current affairs. Each participant is encouraged to contribute to the discussion and to the source materials. All accepted applicants must commit to all Sunday meetings (see schedule below). At the end of the program there will be a group exhibition (to be announced.)

Deadline: Monday, December 13th, 2010

Residency Meeting Times: Meetings will take place on Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 6pm from January 16th, 2011 through February 20th, 2011.

for more information
see the blog HERE
email HERE

10/02/2010: 365 DAYS OF PRINT (EXHIBITION)
mining endangered print media

The Embankment Gallery

608 Jersey Avenue at 5th St. Jersey City, New Jersey

Saturday & Sunday, Oct 2&3 – noon to 6pm {Pro Arts Studio Tour}
Sunday Oct 10 – noon to 5pm
Reception and Closing, Monday Oct 11 – 7 to 9pm
By appointment; email The Embankment Gallery

10/01/2010: CODES (EXHIBITION)
_gaia studio

315 Third Street (between Monmouth and Coles Streets)
Jersey City, NJ

Opening reception: Friday, October 1st 7-8pm
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 2&3 – noon to 6pm {Pro Arts Studio Tour}