UntitledUntitledUntitledFess-Up Exhibition Announcement
Fess-up is the beginning of my exploration of sin. Never having gone to confession, I have always been fascinated with the prospect of giving up a secret, a fear, a faux pas, with the belief that the act will relieve the burden and result in being absolved.

For this project, I have asked family and friends, and strangers, to send me their confessions by mail or email anonymously. I'm still collecting; if you wish to participate email through

The pieces I have made here are not meant to be sacrilegious; rather I am exploring ways to visually translate confessions so that they can be roughly compared and prioritized (think Dante's Inferno and descending circles). Much like rosary beads, those hanging have a tangible quality and I chose the color gold, as it is sacred in my mind. Those in glass bottles attempt to explore how we contain and disguise, the words we chose.